Tanya Braumiller

Meditation Program Teacher

TanyaTanya has long followed a spiritual path, molding the parts of disciplines she has found effective in a personal spiritual practice.  She is a long-time member of both the mystical Rosicrucian Order and the spiritual Self-Realization Fellowship.

With a keen interest in healing, Tanya began her journey with Jill at an Energy Healing class.  She was so impressed with Jill’s clairvoyant and teaching skills that she completed the Beginning, Advanced, Apprentice and Teacher Training programs.  Tanya sums up her experience with Jill with that ancient mandate to “Know thyself.”

And what better way to get to know yourself than to develop a meditation practice?  Going within to recognize and observe your thoughts brings you invaluable insight that clears and energizes your path through life.  Tanya delights in facilitating this process for students so that they may more easily manifest their intentions and heal themselves on this earthly plane.

At home, Tanya tends to her beloved trees and animals and is most nourished by communing with Mother Earth, that is, digging in the dirt.  She credits physical activity with keeping her sane and centered and has run for over 30 years.  In addition, she bicycles, swims, dances, and hikes – whatever keeps her body moving.

Contact Tanya at 360-647-7134 or admin@simplyspiritcenter.com

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