“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”  Epictetus

fifthchakraThe fifth chakra, also referred to as the “throat” chakra, is located at the base of the throat.   The throat chakra is all about communication.  And as humans, we are very communicative beings. 

Think about all the different ways you communicate on any given day:  saying our “good mornings” to our loved ones, caring for and connecting with our bodies, expressing who we are to the world, busy phone calls, texts, emails, just to name a few.   Not to mention all the ways we communicate spiritually, whether it’s telepathic connections, receiving messages from our guides, or feeling the energy of a deceased pet. Having a blocked fifth chakra can result in many disturbances and imbalances.  We may find that we’re not speaking up for ourselves, or not feeling confident in expressing who we are.  We may have trouble speaking our truth, maybe even speaking someone else’s truth instead.  We may isolate ourselves from others, just to avoid conflicts, and end up feeling alone.  Or we may go to the other end: talking too much, finding discomfort with silence, wanting to fill in any lull in a conversation.  We may talk a lot about ourselves, and our friends know that listening isn’t our strong suit.  A blocked fifth chakra can also result in physical problems with our throat area:  chronic sore throats or coughs, pain at the back of our necks, or thyroid problems.

When your fifth chakra is clear, it brings about clear communication and creative expression.  You feel confident in expressing your feelings, your creativity and saying what you really mean.  The two-way energy flow between you and others is greatly enhanced.  In fact, the two-way energy flow between you and your own body begins to improve as well.  Your psychic communications will begin to increase as you start to “hear” those other spirits who are always there to help, heal and assist you.

Through meditation, you can learn to release blocks in your throat chakra.  Validate that you can let that area relax and take the risk of making some change in you as “the communicator.”

Quick Tip:  Try this meditation on clearing the 5th chakra:  sit quietly with your eyes closed.  Focus on the energy center at the base of your throat.  Notice how it feels – clear or foggy?  moving too fast, too slow?  open too much, not enough?

Visualize a clear blue energy filling the chakra by bringing it into the front of the chakra and releasing it out the back of your neck.  Let the chakra relax and flow, knowing that as your bring it to a glowing blue, energy blocks are being released.

THE FOURTH CHAKRA: Heart Connections

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”  Buddha

The fourth chakra, also referred to as the “heart” chakra, is located in the center of the chest.   The heart chakra is the seat of compassion,oneness and of being connected.  This is so important for those of us who are healers (yes, this means you, too!).   Through the heart, we find our commonality with others, our true oneness with all things, and our ability to connect and aid in healing.   It is truly the chakra where all healing comes from.

Equally important is our ability to have this love and compassion for our
own selves.  Just as being able to give unconditionally cannot exist
without our ability to receive unconditionally, we must learn to care for
ourselves in order to give to others.  We must learn to fill ourselves
up in order to have enough energy to give to others.  Through
meditation, we can learn to create a continuous flow of energy through
the chakra, bringing about the balance that we need and healing our own

Having a blocked fourth chakra can result in many disturbances and
imbalances.  We may give and give to others, but become very angry when
no one appears to be giving to us, resulting in resentment.  We might
hold onto another person’s pain and suffering in our hearts, resulting
in both of us staying stuck.   We may rush to please another
person, especially if they imply that we are not giving enough.  In
other words, our ability to give and receive becomes unbalanced.

Examining our heart relationships can be very powerful.  And there in
nothing wrong in changing a relationship that isn’t working.  If we are
brave enough, this can result in tremendous healing for both parties.
Open your heart, knowing that you are well protected and that energy can
flow evenly both ways!


The third chakra is located in the solar plexus and is related to
self-empowerment.  I like to think of the third chakra as our
body’s ”engine.”  Sometimes the engine is just idling, sometimes it’s
revved up, and sometimes it’s sputtering or out of gas!

You know your third chakra is flowing well when you are feeling good
about yourself, feeling you can create what you need in your life, and
have the ability and energy to do it!  If your third chakra is blocked
or closed down, you might experience a feeling of helplessness, or of
being a victim of circumstances, and even experience physical
weariness.  Not a good place to be in.

So you may ask. how do you move out of those feelings of helplessness and
hopelessness?  Often, through meditation and visualization, focusing on
clearing the third chakra can start to relieve those feelings.  Have you
ever been really stressed and it feels as though you have a knot in your
stomach?  Well, you just might literally have an energy knot there in
your third chakra!

So next time you are feeling that way, sit down and close your eyes.
Take some deep breaths while visualizing your “center” (third chakra)
relaxing and opening up.  Tell yourself that with each breath, the
energy is beginning to flow more smoothly, that you are more relaxed and
in your own authentic power.  This can also be a great meditation to
start your day with – setting the energy for a day filled with high
self-esteem, ready to overcome any obstacles!

The SECOND CHAKRA: Emotions, feelings & gut instincts

The second chakra is located just below your navel, and is associated
with feelings and emotions, gut-instincts and intuition, creative
realization, passion and sexuality.

People who easily feel and express with their own emotions, as well as
connect well with others on an emotional level tend to have this chakra
open and flowing.  They tend to trust others while maintaining proper
boundaries.  They let their feeling flow and listen to the messages
their emotions are giving them.

When the second chakra is blocked, it often indicates someone who is
closed down on an emotional level.  Maybe that person has had painful
experiences and no longer trusts.  They may not trust their own
emotions, or they may not trust others enough to make emotional
connections.  When this happens, one may experience lack of creativity
and passion, and even depression.

“E-motions” are just that…energy in motion.  They are important messages
to us, and the energy of those messages wants to move!  We are taught
that certain emotions are okay, but we are also taught  that some
emotions are bad.  These beliefs about what is alright and not
alright to feel can block the second chakra and keep us from
being emotionally healthy.

Clearing the second chakra can give us the freedom to fully express who
we are and what is emotionally and creatively important to us!


The first chakra, also called the “root” chakra, is located in
the pelvic area of the body (near the base of the spine).  It’s related
to our physical well-being and sense of security.  Often when I am
clairvoyantly reading someone’s first chakra, I will see images/issues
related to health, home, work, money, and the person’s sense of feeling
safe (or unsafe) in the world.

For a person dealing with fear and anxiety, it can be very helpful to
clear the first chakra.  Situations can trigger fear and these fears
may be rooted in past experiences, maybe even childhood memories that
may rise from our subconscious.  For example, when I was five years
old, I was knocked down and bitten in the face by a dog, requiring many
stitches.  I found myself, even as an adult, being very nervous around
dogs, especially if the dog was off  leash and starting to approach
me.  That dog might even be friendly with its tail wagging, and I still
didn’t trust it.  Over the years, I have worked on clearing this and am
now pretty comfortable with dogs. Releasing the “old” fear out of our
first chakra can have the effect of not being so triggered and of
keeping the body calm.

There might even be fear that is not “real”…in other words, we may
perceive that we are in physical danger when we actually are not.  Have
you ever jumped, with your heart racing, because you saw something move
out of the corner of your eye, only to find it was your own reflection in
the mirror?  Your body may think that it’s in danger and react as such,
while at the same time your first chakra gets stimulated and starts
sending out information on how to stay safe!

At times the first chakra can be too closed, which can lead to a feeling
of lack or not being able to take care of one’s self (dependency on
others).  Sometimes it can be too open, often caused by feeling unsafe
or ungrounded.  In fact, grounding (visualizing/creating an energy line
from the first chakra to the center of the earth) is probably the most
powerful tool you can use to feel safe and secure in your body.  It
brings balance and calmness to the first chakra, helping you feel more in
charge of your energy and  your physical reality.

Owning, clearing and grounding your first chakra can be an important step
in creating abundance, health, and a true sense of security.


This is the first in a series of posts about chakras!  Today I will talk about chakras in general, followed by a look at each of the seven main
chakras in the body.

So…what is a chakra?  Simply put, it is an energy center.  The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning “spinning wheel.”  That’s because they are clairvoyantly seen  as rotating vortexes of energy.
While most people are familiar with the seven main chakras, there are actually hundreds of them in the body, with the  seven main ones located in the torso and head.

So why do we even need to know about our chakras?  And what purpose do they serve?  As we are energy beings (spirit), our energy chakras connect us to our physical self.  Each chakra represents a different
aspect of us and our abilities.  For example, our first chakra is related to safety and security, our second is feelings and emotions, our third has to do with self-empowerment, our fourth (heart) is related to compassion and oneness, our fifth is communication, the sixth is
clairvoyance, and finally, the seventh represents spiritual knowing and truth.

Our chakras at times can be open and flowing smoothly, bringing about clarity in all of those areas.  But at other times, our chakras might be blocked, causing confusion, frustration, and even illness.  So, it can be important to keep your chakras clear and moving.

It’s sort of like brushing your teeth…our chakras may need regular maintenance!  We can practice clearing our chakras by a variety of methods…by meditating, receiving energy healings, getting body work, practicing yoga or tai chi, just to name a few.  By consciously
visualizing clear energy flowing through the chakra, we release whatever blocks that might be there. For example, if you are feeling that your heart is not open, moving energy through the fourth chakra helps you release the reasons behind that…maybe related to old hurts or
resentments, or mistrust.  In clearing the chakra, we become clearer in our intentions and become the people we want to become.

Stay tuned for the next post featuring the first chakra!


Clairvoyance is the ability to see that which is not visible to the
physical eye. And since everything is energy, it’s that ability to
“read” energy patterns and pictures. Clairvoyance literally translates
as “clear seeing” and is associated with the sixth chakra, or Third Eye.

You are using your clairvoyance all the time, even if you are not
consciously aware of it – just like you are not always 100 percent
consciously aware of what sensations you are picking up with your other
senses. For example, if you close your eyes and tune into the sounds
around you, suddenly you hear things you haven’t noticed before, like a
lawn mower a block away, the hum of your computer, the sound of your
breath. Clairvoyance is similar to that – you are picking up sensations/
information clairvoyantly all the time but may not be consciously aware
of it. When you perceive something about another person, you may chalk
it up to something else – like coincidence or body language. But we are
all clairvoyant, and we are all using it daily to read people and
situations. For example, someone may smile and give you a compliment,
but you “see” that they don’t really mean it. Someone may be looking
brave in a bad situation, but you “see” that they are a little scared.

In a clairvoyant reading, the reader becomes quiet and tunes into his or
her inner sight. They then put their attention specifically on the
energy of the person in front of them. Every person has his or her own
unique energy patterns – made up of their past experiences, their beliefs
systems, and their intentions. The reader sees these as images – or
energy pictures, patterns, or symbols. When I read someone’s aura, I’m
simply “seeing” the images that they already have and that they are
showing to me. So start to pay attention to what you are “seeing” and
validate your own inner sight! © Jill Miller 2004


Whether you are just starting to consider adding regular meditation to
your life, or whether you’ve been meditating every day for years, it can
be important to understand the significance it has for you. There are
many different forms of meditation, but what they all have in common is
taking time to shut out the outside world and focusing inward on oneself.

To me, meditation serves two purposes – to get to know yourself better by
being more aware of your “spiritual self,” and to let go of energies that
you take on throughout your day.

Let’s talk about the first one – getting to know yourself better. We are
all spiritual beings, residing in bodies and lives that keep us busy,
keep us moving, creating this and that, interacting with others. We have
all had the experience of getting so wrapped up in something (whether
it’s a project, a relationship, or a job) that we forget to stay in touch
with who we are and what our real truths are. We may get caught up in
someone else’s priority, temporarily forgetting our own.

When you find a quiet place, close your eyes and turn within, you can
start to feel and hear yourself more clearly. Although it sounds cliché,
you can start to get in touch with your authentic self – who you really
are as spirit. This can develop into a very freeing experience, as you
let go of who you think you “should” be and just let yourself “be.” A
self appreciation can start to develop and it will carry through to your
everyday life.

The other purpose of meditation is to cleanse your “space.” Throughout
our day, we take on many energies, whether it’s other people’s ideas of
who we should be, or their issues they want us to carry for them, or our
own efforts, stresses or emotions. The good news is that we can release
and let these things go. Through grounding and other meditation
techniques, we can clear our energies and get more in touch with
ourselves. © Jill Miller 2004