Nancy Simmers

Female Healings & Readings, Female Program Teacher


Nancy has always been fascinated with spiritual perspectives and the many faces and expressions of the divine. Raised in a Presbyterian Midwestern family, she joined the Society of Friends while in college, where she took courses in comparative religion. A two-year Peace Corps stint in West Africa widened her appreciation of cultures and spiritual practices.

While living in Washington, D.C., she became a member of a local Zendo and found herself drawn to quiet contemplative mediation and chanting.

Another perspective was added when she married a Jewish man from Brooklyn and with him raised her two sons in a reform Jewish congregation.

It was through precious friends Barbara and Coenraad Zielstra that she was introduced to energy healing and grounding techniques taught at the Berkeley Psychic Institute of Berkeley CA; Leyline Spiritual Center in Vancouver, B.C., and Gaia in Bellingham. She was ordained as a minister in 2002.

Jill Miller has been Nancy’s teacher and mentor for the past five years. In 2012, she completed Jill’s Teacher Training Program and continues to teach and create as part of the Simply Spirit Reading & Healing Center.

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