Energy Healings

How We Heal

Healing simply means making change. It is that ability each of us have to release old energies (patterns) and create something new. In the energy healings that we do, we tune into you as spirit (that infinite, divine part of you), and together we start to unblock energies that maybe “stuck” within your space. We don’t take away the blocks, but help you start to release them. Sometimes the first step is simply letting go of one layer. In order for healing to take place, one must be ready to let go of old ways of thinking. Sometimes just hearing why you are creating the things you are, can help you start to shake loose old patterns and trust that you can have more in your life.

How to Receive Your Energy Healing

We offer both phone and in-person (at our office in Bellingham, Washington) energy healings – both by appointment. We will record information given during your healing and provide an audio file by email of the session for you.


We recommend one-hour healing sessions, but you may also request a half- hour (for chakra cleansing/balancing or personal issue healing only).  You may Make an Appointment, or Pay Now (prepayment required for phone sessions).
One-Hour Phone Healing  $75
Half-Hour Phone Healing  $40
One & a Half Hour Phone Healing $110
One-Hour In-person Healing  $75
Half-Hour In-person Healing  $40
One & a Half Hour In-person Healing $110

Types of Energy Healings

We offer several types of energy healings. Pick the one that best suits your current growth or contact us for more information.

  • Chakra Cleansing/Balancing – We will help you release energy blocks in your seven main chakras, helping balance your energy flow and enhancing your own self-healing process. Throughout your healing, the healer will also “read” your chakras and give you information about the colors there, how the energy is flowing, and what blocks you may be holding onto.
  • Personal Issue Healing – We will help you release energy blocks around a particular issue you wish to have help with. For example, if you are having difficulty creating the kind of job you would like, we can help you release any effort or blocks you have created within yourself around that issue. Your healer can also help you let go of outside energies that may be influencing you in a negative way. Throughout your healing, the healer will verbalize what they are seeing and how they are moving the energies.
  • Akashic Record Healing (1 1/2 hr)- In this type of healing, essential energy that is missing from your energy space will be retrieved. Why is it missing? Because at different times during your life, you may have given up a part of yourself or been psychically wounded. This may have happened during a painful or emotional event or at a time when you gave up your power to another person. You may also have “soul” energy that become stuck and was left behind in other lifetimes. During the healing, your healer will connect with one of your spirit guides and together they travel to the Akashic Records to retrieve this valuable information. These energy “packets” may have been missing from your energy space for quite some time. This information is then brought back, returned to your energy body, and integrated back into your chakras, energy channels and/or aura, bringing that part of your energy system into proper balance.
  • Medical Intuitive Healing (1 1/2 hour) – In this type of healing you will receive information on the root/energetic cause of a particular medical issue and receive help releasing the energy block in that area of your body.