Jill Miller, Founder & Director

Jill is a clairvoyant reader and energy healer. helping others in their spiritual journey for over 35 years. By providing readings, energy healings, and psychic development classes, she is honored to assist others in their growth and excited to watch people take the risk to make change in their lives.
Jill first started seeing auras in her early twenties after an “opening up” on a psychic level. After several years of training to further develop her clairvoyant abilities, she started her own journey of reading and teaching, and helping others gain more clarity regarding their own growth.

Jill feels that we are all intuitive, or psychic, and a reading can help you unblock those beliefs that keep you from using it for yourself. She strongly believes that each of us has free will and is creating his or her own reality. In the work she does with others, she doesn’t tell people where they should be in their growth, but aid them in uncovering their own beliefs that may be limiting them in their growth. This insight can often be a catalyst for that person to make changes, heal themselves, discover their own truths and start to create what they want in their lives. We are all psychic; it is just a matter of re-identifying it and releasing blocks that keep us from really owning it.

Jill is also available for speaking engagements, workshops, spiritual “house cleansings,” readings for your group’s functions (retreats, etc.).  She is an ordained minister and is available to perform weddings (in Washington & Oregon) and conduct Celebration of Life and funeral services.

Contact Jill at 360-647-7134 or jill@simplyspiritcenter.com