Sarah Rose Fischer

Energy Healing Program Teacher
Psychic Kids Program Teacher
Medical Intuitive Healer/Reader


SarahRoseblackborderSarah Rose Fischer has studied with Jill Miller at Simply Spirit for the past six years and now teaches at the Center herself, pursuing her passions for helping people heal themselves, medical intuition and teaching children and teens how to meditate.

Growing up in a military family that traveled the world allowed for her to experience many cultures and peoples and also to adopt many different passions and hobbies. She has a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology & Social Studies from Western Washington University. She has also apprentices with a local herbalist and currently gathers local, wild herbs sustainably, turning them into body care products and medicines.
Sarah Rose feels that we all have responsibility for maintaining our own spiritual, emotional and physical health and enjoys sharing the tools for doing so. She feels we all have the ability to heal ourselves through meditation, healing and personal growth. She delights in being able to teach meditation techniques to children & teens, knowing that these techniques lead them to new discoveries within themselves about the many facets of spirit inhabiting body.
Enthusiastic and generous of nature, Sarah Rose is a valuable member of the staff here at Simply Spirit, and we encourage you to take advantage of her knowledge and her intuitive gifts.

You can contact Sarah Rose at 360-647-7134 or

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