As the year comes to an end, it’s time to think about what one wants to
create for the next one. And as I think about creating anew, I also start
to think about what blocks I may still be holding onto. Our past life
karma can be such a block.

In the past life readings that I do, I’m privileged to get a glimpse of
how karmic ties can affect us. I recently did a reading for a young
woman (who I will call Sue). She was having trouble with her mother, and
I saw a past life they had shared that most definitely affected their
relationship now. She told me how her mother never seemed to have enough
time for her and always put her own emotional needs before her
daughter’s, even when Sue was a young child.

In the past life, Sue was a wealthy socialite. She lived in a large
mansion with many servants, held many dinners and events, and was always
the life of the party. Sue’s mother was her daughter in that life. She
often felt in the shadow of her mother (Sue) and often ignored. Her
complaints went unheard and she felt abandoned by her mother.

Interestingly, when Sue was older and on her deathbed, she wanted her
daughter there but she never came. She realized, a little too late, how
she had treated her daughter and felt guilt and shame about it. She
realized for the first time how her daughter must have felt – yearning
for some attention, love and support.

Spiritually, they made an agreement to come back together again this
current lifetime, but to switch roles. Sue was now the daughter and
wanting to make amends. She had been trying to make up for the previous
life, staying close to her mom and always trying to please her. Her mom,
on the other hand, was still a bit emotionally “stuck,” had never
forgiven Sue, and was intent on paying her back. I also saw that they
had lived other lives as well where they had played out these same karmic

The thing about karma is – we can heal it. We can allow ourselves to
learn from our relationships with others, and to let go of guilt, shame
and anger from the past lives we’ve shared. I watched as Sue
energetically started to let go of her part of it, started to change
their agreement as spirit.

As the new year begins, think about looking at your relationships with
new eyes as well. Ask yourself if your “contract,” or spiritual
agreement needs updating with that person. Be in the present moment with
them, letting go of past karma and creating something fresh and new. ©
Jill Miller 2006

As a psychic reader, I have the opportunity to communicate with spirit –
whether it’s with someone’s spirit guide, a loved one who has passed over
or with the person themselves that I’m reading.

We are all spirit – some of us currently have bodies and some don’t! I
was watching Wayne Dyer recently and he said something like – “we are not
humans living a spiritual existence, but spirit living a life of
humanity.” I liked that. It validates that first and foremost we are
spiritual beings. We existed as spirit before we were born, we exist as
spirit now in the body, and we will still exist as spirit when we are
finished with this body. In a reading I try to focus on the true spirit
of the person I’m reading – to communicate “spirit-to-spirit” with them.

The communication with those who don’t have a body is fun too. Just like
those of us with bodies, I find other spirit like to be recognized as
well. Those who have passed over want to be validated for the
experiences they are having and almost always welcome the opportunity to
talk with their loved one they left behind. Spirit guides too are quick
to communicate. They tell me what purpose they hold for the person, how
long they have been with them, and may have some words of advice to share.

When I communicate with spirit, I sometimes get images that I then
interpret, other times it is more of an intuitive/feeling-type
experience. But more often than not, I just hear them speak.

How do I do that? Well, the key is grounding and quieting down and
allowing yourself to be in a “listening” space. Try it sometime! © Jill
Miller 2006



  1. I enjoyed reading this. My dad passed away last sunday and I came to know the next day that I have been holding a grudge against him for no reason – all because of the way my mother portrayed him as a monster to me. I am overwhelmed with guilt and remorse. Reading this gave me hope that maybe he can understand my prayers and that I am deeply sorry. Maybe he will forgive me.

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