Back when I first started doing this psychic stuff, not that many people
knew what a chakra was. Nowadays, it is a fairly common word and most
folks know that chakras are energy centers in the body and may know that
there are seven main chakras.

Fewer people, however, fully understand the significance of the chakra
system and how the condition of our chakras is directly tied into our
physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and vice versa.

Here’s how it all works: Say you’ve been promoted at work and are given
new responsibilities. Maybe you are wondering if you are up to the
challenge ahead of you. Uncertainty and worry begins to set in, and you
notice that your stomach has begun to bother you. Your physician would
probably say that the stomach upset is caused by stress, but I believe it
goes even deeper than that.

What often happens when we are not feeling very self-empowered, is that
our third chakra (located in the stomach area) begins to tighten up and
shut down. The third chakra contains information regarding how we create
what we want in our lives and how much in control we feel over our
circumstances. When your “power” chakra is only running at
half-throttle, so to speak, you may start to experience stomach upset,
fatigue and maybe even a sense of helplessness.

But, by changing the energy in your chakra, your sense of insecurity and
even your stomach ache may disappear. It can be helpful to sit down and
focus on the chakra, allowing it to relax and visualizing it opening back
up. This will help you get your energy back and start to feel capable of
the task at hand. Remember, by receiving a chakra cleansing, or by
learning to release energy from your own chakras through meditation, you
can begin a valuable self-healing process. © Jill Miller 2007

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