“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” – Author Unknown

As I move my business from my home to its new professional space, I’m
more and more aware of how one seemingly small change can have such a
ripple effect. This move is not just affecting the energy of my
business, but also my personal growth, the energy in my home, the energy
of my son who lives with me, the energy of my clients, and even the
energy of the neighborhoods (both old and new) – all for the better, as I
see it. As Sheryl Crow sings, “Change will do you good!”

Of course, it doesn’t always feel that way. In fact, sometimes change
can feel quite dreadful. We may experience a sense of sadness or loss,
fear or confusion. Even when we have instigated or wished for a
particular change, it’s not always easy. As French writer Anatole France
said, “All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for
what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life
before we can enter another.”

For example, maybe you decide to move to a bigger house. You are excited
about the new place, of having more space, and of being closer to work.
But, as you start to pack you are caught up in the memories of the good
times you had in your old home. It’s the place where you raised your
children, the place where family and friends gathered for holidays and
birthdays. There is a letting go and grieving that is necessary in order
for this new change to take place. It’s like watching our children grow
up – we are sad to see the sweet little one-year old disappear as a “big
girl” replaces her. At the same time, we are excited to see her world
expand as she grows and changes.

In spiritual growth, it can be the same. As we change our belief
systems, start to heal ourselves and raise our energy consciousness, we
bring about more awareness. We may be more aware of how negative
energies affect us, where our blocks and/or emotional pains may
originate, or how many more lifetimes we may still have to come back for!
As they say, “Ignorance is bliss,” and sometimes it’s not easy becoming
more spiritually or psychically aware. We may at times be more
comfortable with and miss our “old” self – that is until we get
accustomed to the changes we have made.

But, as much as we may resist change, life without it becomes stagnant.
I find change exciting and invigorating. As much as taking risk is
scary, it’s doubly rewarding. So, get comfortable with your changes,
learn to embrace them and let go of the fear of what lies around the next
bend. You’ll be much happier as a result. © Jill Miller 2007

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