Clairvoyant Training Programs

In addition to our introductory six-week classes, Jill offers in-depth training programs for developing one’s clairvoyant abilities (in Bellingham, Washington). Jill offers these program locally only (long-distance training is not currently available). If you are a local resident and would like more details about these programs, please contact us.

Clairvoyant Training Program

Jill’s year-long clairvoyant training program is designed to help individuals develop their own abilities to “read” energy. By turning within and learning specific meditation techniques, one can release blocks and begin to open “third eye” sight. By reading others, students develop and fine-tune their reading abilities while helping others in their growth. Students also learn the art of reading oneself – as this is a vital step in self-growth. By looking at oneself and one’s own issues, an individual gains true self-empowerment.  This program will be opening again in January 2015.

Pre-requisite: one of our six-week introductory classes.


Apprentice Program

This six-month program is designed for those who wish to pursue a career in psychic reading or other intuitive/healing arts.

Pre-requisite: Clairvoyant Training Program described above.