Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Meditation 101Clairvoyance 101 / Clairvoyance 201Energy Healing 101 / Energy Healing 201 / Feminine Energy 101 / Feminine Energy 201 / Communicating With Spirit 101 / Communicating with Spirit 201

We offer classes and workshops in Bellingham, Washington, on a regular schedule. Check the Calendar to see what’s coming up or Contact Us for more information. You can also Sign Up or Pay Now for a class or workshop. We are also available to provide specific workshops and presentations to outside groups/organizations.


We regularly schedule one-evening workshops on various topics – auras,
chakras, reincarnation, creating your own reality, communicating with
spirit, getting in touch with your spirit guides, to name a few.


Currently, we offer nine different six-week classes ( 15 hours each

Meditation 101
In the new six-week class, you will learn, through meditation, to center &  turn within, gain perspective & clarity, create calmness & release stress, and create intention & focus for your life.  Topics will include:

  • Grounding & Centering
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Sound meditation
  • Color meditation
  • Meditation Through Movement
  • Non-Resistance
  • Experiencing Joy

Clairvoyance 101
This class focuses on clairvoyance or “clear seeing.” It is that ability
we all have which enables us to have insight into what is happening on
energetic levels. Topics include:

  • Clairvoyance techniques – learn to stimulate your 6th chakra, or “third
    eye” sight. Use energy roses as a technique for reading self & others.
  • Meditation techniques – learn to keep yourself grounded and centered as
    you open up psychically. Identify yourself as spirit and focus on
    staying in the present moment.
  • Energy awareness – learn to cleanse and “own” your chakras and aura. Be aware of how other people’s energy may be affecting you and your ability to “see.

Clairvoyance 201

In this second “Clairvoyance” class, we will expand upon the first one, including opening/adjusting the 6th chakra, owning your “viewing” screen, reading “pictures,” distinguishing/validating the information you are getting (how do I know I’m not just making it all up?), and developing the art of reading oneself.  The class will also include a review of rose readings and protecting yourself as a reader.

Energy Healing 101

This class focuses on both self-healing and healing others by using healing guides to give psychic energy healings. Topics included in the class are:

    • Healing techniques – grounding and releasing energies as a way to heal
      self and others. Working with your own healing guides.
    • Energy awareness – how not to take on others’ energies while healing, and
      how to release it if you do. Cleansing the aura and chakras.
    • Color vibrations – using color as a powerful way to change energy
      vibrations. Getting in touch with the colors of your own healing

Energy Healing 201

In this second “Energy Healing” class, we will expand upon the first one, including  techniques for long-distance healing, identifying and removing cords, “sick bed” healing, illness and pain issues, hands-on healing.   The class will also include a review of the basic “energy healing” technique and reconnecting with your healing guides and using color vibrations.

Feminine Energy 101
As females, we are highly creative beings, and through meditation and visualization, you can learn to direct that energy to create what you want. Some topics to be covered include:

  •  Identify Your Own Female Creative Energy
  • Cleanse Your Aura & Chakras with Your Female Energies
  •  Enhance Communication with Your Female Body
  • Balance Your Female & Male Energies
  • Discover Why You Chose a Female Body This Lifetime

Feminine Energy 201
In this second Female Energy class, you will expand and build your awareness of your powerful female body and energy, including a review of running your female creative energy and balancing your male & female energies. You will also experience a “Female Energy
Healing.” Prerequisite:  “Female Energy 101.”  Some new topics will include:

  • Being Your Own Best Friend
  • Validating the Female Healer that You Are
  • Learning to Love Your Female Body
  • Finding Balance In Your Relationships
  • Owning Your Cycles and Transitions
  • Celebrating Your Sexuality
  • Examining Female Roles

Communicating with Spirit 101
This class focuses on six aspects (a different one each week) of
communicating with spirit. Meditation techniques will be included. The
six weekly topics are:

  • Communicating with Your Higher Self – communicating with self is an
    important first step in discovering who you truly are & communicating
    with others. Your higher self can be your own best advisor.
  • Spirit Guide Communication – each of us have spirit guides that are here
    to help us through our journey. Learn to listen to their messages and
    how to ask for and receive help from them.
  • Connecting With Your Deceased Loved Ones – connecting with those who have
    passed over can be simpler than you think. Find out how they are doing &
    what advice they may have.
  • Spiritual Communication With the Living – we do a lot of verbal
    communication, but what about your spiritual communication with others?
    Fine-tune your telepathy connections.
  • Setting Boundaries With Unwanted Spirit – learn to communicate with and
    set boundaries (move out) spirits that may be bothersome. House
    cleansing techniques included.
  • Master Spirit Communication – there are “master-level” spirit that are
    quite happy to help us raise our own energy vibrations. Learn to tap
    into this incredible source.

Communicating with Spirit 201
In the “advanced” spiritual communication class, we will expand upon the first one, including techniques below.  The class will also include a review of staying grounded in your communications, spiritual protection, connecting with your higher self and master-level spirit helpers. Prerequisite:  “Communicating with Spirit 101.”

  • Communicating with guides – taking it further:  asking for help, establishing on-going communication, communication with others’ guides
  • Communicating with deceased loved ones – taking it further:  receiving healing from your loved ones, sending healing to those on the other side who are stuck
  • Communication with others – telepathy, cords, sharing “pictures”
  • Communication with fairies, devas & angels
  • Owning your verbal communication skills
  • Clearing 5th chakra blocks