Scientists tell us that all matter is made up of energy, and this isn’t
too hard for most of us to believe. So it surprises me, when I tell
people I’m an aura reader, that I still get the disbelievers who look at
me like I’m nuts. And then there’s those who believe, but feel a little
nervous about what their aura might be showing me. Of course, more often
than not, people get very excited and say, “Can you see mine right now?
What color is it?”

And they are right, auras do come in many colors…and those colors are
changing all the time. As we experience growth, the state of our energy
field reflects that – in the color, movement, and even “texture” of the
energy of the aura. For example, a person may have just changed jobs and
moved to a new location. The part of their aura that represents their
sense of safety and survival (tied to the root chakra) most likely shines
a bright green – green often being a color of change and transition. I
recently read someone who was working through the “empty nest” syndrome,
dealing with her daughter going off to college. She realized she had
more time and energy to give to herself, and that she had become
unbalanced in how much she gave to others versus how much she gave to
herself. The part of her aura that is connected to her heart chakra was
a very gentle, soft blue, which she was using to bring harmony and
balance to her ability to give.

If you want to get a sense of what colors your aura may be reflecting,
look around you. What colors do you feel the most affinity with? For
example, what colors do you like to wear, or paint the walls of your
home? One person may love lavender, while another may feel very
uncomfortable around it (maybe it clashes with the colors of their
aura!). Ever woken up in the morning in the mood to wear red? I say go
for it…may be that your aura is vibrating that very same feisty color!
© Jill Miller 2005

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