If you are like me, this is the time of year that you do a review of the
previous year and think about what you accomplished. You also start to
set goals for yourself for the new year. I don’t personally make new
year’s resolutions as such, but I do get out my paper and pen and set out
some new goals for myself. It’s always a fun process – really thinking
about what I want next in my life, and validating that I did indeed reach
some goals that I had made for myself at the beginning of the previous
year. This process, deciding what I want and then seeing it manifested,
helps me validate the fact that we do indeed create our own reality.

The fact that we create our own reality is sometimes a hard thing to hear
– that we have created the messes we may find ourselves in, or that we
have created an illness, for example. When we are feeling stuck, the last
thing we want is a friend telling us that we did this to ourselves. The
good news is though – if you created the blocks in your life, you can
also create change and healing.

I heard Dolly Parton interviewed once and she said that as a young girl
she “expected” to be a star when she grew up. I loved that, because it
is true that we create our reality through our beliefs and our

Do you know someone who always seems to be “lucky” in life, where things
just seem to fall into their laps with no effort at all? And do you know
someone who is always struggling with life, where life always seems to be
dealing them an unfair hand? Why is that? It’s not that the lucky one
was born more “blessed” than the other one. But there probably is a big
difference in how they view life…how they believe life should treat them.
The so-called lucky one believes that life is full of opportunity, ready
for the taking. And the other one believes that if something is going to
go wrong, it will – with them!

What are your beliefs? If there are things you are wanting to create in
your life, but you just don’t seem to be doing it, you may want to
examine your belief systems. Some of those beliefs may have been with
you for a long time. There may be a part of you that doesn’t think you
deserve it, or are not worthy of it, or that you are not capable enough
to create it. You can change that.

We all have the ability to alter our inner belief systems – to start to
create change in our lives. It sometimes takes an act of faith and
courage to really look at our own blocks and believe that we can let them
go – but believe it, you can! © Jill Miller 2005

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