Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself.   Oprah

We have all heard of female intuition…a woman’s ability to tune into the
unseen, to have a sort of feeling and knowing about other people, or
about the future.  Is it true that as females, we have more fine-tuned
intuition than men?

I read about a study to look at just that issue.  In the study,
participants (both male and female) were given exercises to test their
intuitive/psychic abilities, although they were not told what the study
was about.  In that first trial, men and women came out pretty much
equal.  In the next trial, the participants were told beforehand that
their intuition was being tested, and the women came out far ahead.  The
conclusion was that women have more permission to have/use their
intuition.  Interestingly, in the third trial, the participants were not
only told what the study was about, but also told that they would be paid
for each correct answer – and the men won that one overwhelmingly!

We are all psychic – men and women alike!  But, I think it is true that
women are allowed to be more “feeling” creatures.  Aristotle spoke of men
as being the “rational” animals and women being the “nature” animals –
tuned more into natural instincts and emotions.  And maybe we are
“programmed” that way.  Unfortunately, that has sometimes translated as
women being “irrational” when it comes to trusting their intuition.

I think that is changing…women and men are beginning to trust and own all
of their abilities.  Although I tend to have more women coming to me for
readings and taking classes, I’m starting to see a shift in that, with
men tuning more into that side of themselves…and also placing more value
in the abilities of the women in their lives. © Jill Miller  2012


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