I read recently that during the “Holy Inquisition” some three million
women were killed within a 300 year period. The men in power during this
time were threatened by the intuitive, creative, healing power of women.
Whether she was a midwife, the village healer, or thought to be a “witch”
for some other reason, she was seen as dangerous and something that
needed to be destroyed.

Luckily, at this time and in this country, we are free to be ourselves as
women. We can allow our abilities and strengths to be seen by others.
And although the chances are becoming slim at this point, we have come
closer than ever of having a female President. That gives me hope that
we will see it happen in the not too distant future (I hope in my

So what is this female power many, men and women alike, seem to be afraid
of? I believe it is a force all of us women have dwelling within us. We
are nurturing, creative, feeling, psychic creatures! When we need to, we
can be gentle, and we can be strong. We can be patient; and we can be
assertive. We can heal others, and we can heal ourselves. Our power
lies within being our authentic selves.

Why have we lost our true selves? Because we have bought into limiting
beliefs about who we are. We have been raised to believe that we are the
weaker sex, that our power is somehow “bad,” and to keep our power hidden
(and our mouths shut). Some of these beliefs have come from men; some
have come, unfortunately, from our own mothers and grandmothers. For
most of us, we can become easily distracted by all we “have” to do for
others. We can become filled with guilt at the mere thought of taking an
afternoon off for ourselves. We are convinced by others that we are
being a “pushy bitch” by just asking for what we want. It is time to let
go of these beliefs and get more in touch with who we really are.
Because the more we reclaim our authenticity as females, the more of a
healing force we become.

And wouldn’t you say that this planet needs some healing? The male and
female energy of the planet has been off balance for centuries. With the
freedoms we have now, there is an opportunity for the pendulum to swing
back into alignment. I know we can do it. But we need to stop being
afraid and allow ourselves to move forward. Until we as women stop being
afraid of our own power, men who are also afraid will continue to try to
crush that power. We need to be grateful for the supportive men in our
lives, and brave enough to shake some things up!

It all starts with healing ourselves. As you work on yourself, as you
clear the blockages in your body, and release limiting beliefs and
thoughts you have about yourself and your life, you will realize your
power is glorious – something to be celebrated. As each of us take that
step, the ripple effects will be amazing. © Jill Miller 2008

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