Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you. – Peace

Have you been moved by a speaker, inspired by someone else overcoming an
obstacle, or had your day brightened by a child’s smile?  Every day, we
provide each other with opportunities for healing, and those healings
come in many different forms.

No one really has the power to heal you, because unless you are open,
receptive and ready to release, change cannot take place.  Therefore, I
believe all healing is really created by the person being healed.
Others, however, can give us the best opportunity for growth and healing.
We can all be a tremendous help to one another by assisting with energy
movement and shifts in belief systems.

In the last couple months, I have had an unusual number of women clients
who have, in their readings with me, asked about their aging mothers,
many who are experiencing some type of dementia.  Now, I don’t believe in
coincidences…and know within myself that these readings are a gift to me
as I am dealing with the complexities of my own mother’s journey with
dementia.  Every one of these readings has been a healing opportunity for
me and my personal growth, and I’m very grateful for them.  Each one has
given me insight into myself and my mom – our emotions, our struggles and
our spiritual contract, or agreement.

We have all had the experience of someone else being instrumental in
changing our mind or opinion about something.  I saw a TV show not long
ago where a middle-class, strongly Christian man agreed to live for a
month with a Muslin-American family.  He started the process thinking
that he had nothing in common with them.  He quickly learned that they
had the same family values, the same work ethics and even the same God!
As he wore their dress and observed their customs with them, he also
learned about prejudice, and then about tolerance and acceptance.

Sometimes even someone who we find antagonistic, egocentric, or rude, can
provide us with an opening for real change.  In truth, an enemy can be
the greatest gift of healing.  They teach us understanding, love, and
forgiveness if we are ready to receive those gifts.  As the Dalai Lama
said, “In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.”

So next time you are wondering why a particular person came into your
life, or why you have attracted an unpleasant person to yourself, ask
yourself where is the healing opportunity?  What are they stirring within
your own self that you can now release some energy around?  Every person
we meet is a mirror in some way or another.  Be brave enough to look back
at the image you see.
©Jill Miller – 2010

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