We are affected by energy every moment of every day. Scientists tell us
that all physical matter is really just energy, and quantum physicists
tell us how consciousness and intent determine what is created on a
physical level.

We often feel the energies around us – the aura of the person sitting
next to us who is in a bad mood, the awe-inspiring presence of a large
oak tree in our favorite park, the spirits lingering in an old, vacant
building, the joy of a small child playing with a puppy.

Many of us are very sensitive to these energies, whether it is the
emotional energy of someone close to us, or even the energy on a global
level. Many of us could feel the entire nation’s shock, grief and
confusion of during 9/11, for example. I have read some people who are
so open and sensitive to the energies around them, that they have a hard
time coping with being out in the world.

No matter how sensitive you are, you can protect yourself from overload,
and that has to do with focusing in on your own energy. This often
entails being aware of where your energy is (your aura) and validating
that you can be in charge of that. Sometimes our intention and beliefs
are what need a little “tweaking.” For example, if our intention is to
own our personal energy space, this can help us feel more in charge.

Here’s a tip for when you feel like you are being too affected by outside
energies: Close your eyes, and imagine a rose. Move that rose to the
front edge of your aura (energy field), with the intention that this rose
will protect your space from energies that are uncomfortable. It’s all
energy – you just have to own it! © Jill Miller 2006

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