There are times in our life when we think, “Why can’t I figure this
situation out?” or “is there a higher purpose to all of this?” We may
feel like the universe is dealing us an unplayable hand or have a problem
that seems too complex to figure out. We may even sense that there is a
part of us that knows the answer, but we just can’t seem to tap into it.

We really do have the answers to all of our quandaries, as we are divine
spirit with our own infinite knowledge and spiritual wisdom. By tapping
into our “Higher Self,” we can gain understanding – whether that is
regarding what to do in a certain situation or in figuring out what
lessons there are for us.

The Higher Self is that part of us that sees the bigger picture – the
part of us that understands what our life path/purpose is and what
direction to take to stay on that path. Unfortunately, when we are born,
we often forget why we came here. We are busy figuring out how to be in
a physical body and how to relate to the world around us. We may take on
others’ beliefs or let our egos get in the way, and forget that we have
the ability to heal ourselves.

The great thing is that our Higher Self is always there with us and
communicates to us through many means – through our intuition, gut
feelings and hunches, or through symbols and unexpected events and people
coming into our lives. Our Higher Self wants to be heard and wants to
help us. I mean, who better to guide, direct and give us advice than our
own Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is not very far away, even if it feels like that at
times. When you start to ask the right questions and trust your own
answers and instincts, your life can start to change. “But how do you do
that?” you might ask. The first step is to calm, ground and quiet
yourself down. Think about what you really want to know (formulate the
correct question). Ask for the answer and be open to recognizing it.
The answer may come to you in the form of a dream, a passage in a book, a
friend’s comment, a symbol (such as seeing three eagles in one day, for
example), or directly hearing your own inner voice during meditation.

We were all born to live our lives as the fullest expression of who we
really are. Partnering with our Higher Self can be the key to
manifesting all that we can be. © Jill Miller 2007

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