Intuitive Coaching

Jill offers a way for you to work on a particular issue through a series of clairvoyant reading/healing sessions. The sessions may also include leading you through visualizations or meditations, or teaching you some practical energy techniques to help you release energy. If there is an area in in your life where you are feeling blocked, intuitive coaching could help you get unstuck, start moving forward, and find some clarity.

Issues that could be addressed:

  •  Life path or direction
  •   Relationships
  •   Career
  •   Health issues
  •   Spiritual path
  •   Personal Empowerment

How it works

Jill will schedule you for 4, 6 or 8-week series of reading/healing sessions, depending on the issue and what feels right to both you and her. Each session will be one hour, which will be scheduled once every week or two.


In-person or Phone sessions

  • 4-session series – $300 ($75/session)   Prepaid: $280 ($70/session)
  • 6-session series – $450 ($75/session)   Prepaid: $420 ($70/session)
  • 8-session series – $600 ($75/session)   Prepaid: $560 ($70/session)

To Schedule Appointment

Phone or email us to Make an Appointment.  In-person sessions can be paid at the first appointment. For phone appointments, you may Pay Now for session packages

In participating in intuitive coaching, you are acknowledging that our services are not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice. It is your choice how to use the information presented. We encourage you to trust your own inner wisdom regarding the information you are given and accept only what rings true for you.