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How We Read

We primarily provide “clairvoyant” readings. This means that we read by “seeing” those things that aren’t visible to the physical eye. We use our “third” eye or 6th chakra to tune into your energy fields. Everything has its own unique energy vibration and pattern, whether it be your aura, your feelings and thoughts, a person in your life, a past life, or your spirit guides.  We also provide energy healings that include reading information…Learn More.

How to Receive Your Reading

We offer both phone and in-person (at our office in Bellingham, Washington) readings – both by appointment. We will record your reading and provide an audio file by email of the session for you. You may make an appointment (link above) and/or Pay Online (prepayment required for phone sessions).


We recommend one-hour sessions, but you may also request a half-hour. General clairvoyant readings may include (your choice) personal questions, aura, past life, deceased love ones, or spirit guides reading.  See description below for several Specialty Readings.

One-Hour In-person Reading  $75
One-Hour Phone Reading  $75
Half-Hour In-person Reading  $40
Half-Hour Phone Reading  $40

Types of Readings

We offer a variety of readings- pick the one that best suits your current growth.

GENERAL CLAIRVOYANT READINGS may include the following (customized for your needs/preferences):

Personal Questions Reading – Instead of one of the readings above, we can tune into questions that you would like to ask. The reader will answer at least three questions. You may ask about your relationships with others, work, health issues, psychic experiences you have had, dreams, etc. You may choose to ask one of your questions about any of the above topics. For example, we can communicate with one of your spirit guides, look at a main color in your aura, tell you about one past life, communicate with one spirit guide or one loved one who have passed on.

 Aura Reading – We will give you information on the seven main layers of your aura, or energy field (which correspond to your seven main chakras). Like the chakras, each layer pertains to a particular aspect  – your communication skills, your psychic abilities, your emotional state, for example. The reader will identify a color for each layer and give you information on how you are using those colors. They will interpret the many images and symbols in your aura. These tell me not only where your strengths are, but where you are getting blocked. This information can help you gain insight into your present growth.

Past Life Reading – We will read at least three past lives that you are currently being influenced by or drawing information from. The reader will look at the highlights of those lives and how they may be affecting your current life. You can also request information on lifetimes you shared with a specific person in your life now.

Deceased Love Ones Reading – We will read and communicate with one to three of your loved ones who have passed on. The reader will give you information about how their passing went for them, what they are learning where they are now, and pass on messages that they wish to impart to you.

Spirit Guide Reading – We will read and communicate with at least three of your spirit guides and give you information on what purpose each of them hold in your life. The reader will pass on messages that your spirit guides wish to impart and give you information on creating clearer communication between you and your guides.



Family or Couple Reading (1 hour) – We will read the energy dynamics of the family you were brought up in (parents/siblings), your current family unit (spouse/children, for example) or your current “couple” relationship. The reader will give you information about why you are together this lifetime and what your agreements are with each other as spirit, and will read at least one significant past life that you have had together that affects your relationship as a family or couple now.

Female Reading (1 hour) – We will read your “creative womb-sourced” energy.  All women have this amazing source of creativity available to us.  The reader will give you information about how your are using your creative energy and any blocks you may have to accessing it.  The reader will also look at your male and female energies, individually as well as whether the two vibrations are balanced within you.  This reading is for women only.

Pet Communication Reading (1 hour) – We will communicate with your pet(s) that are currently with you, or with a deceased pet. This spiritual communication can help you better understand your pet, help you solve problems (by “hearing” your pet’s perspective), or connect you with a beloved pet who has passed.

Learn More about Energy Healings/Readings, including Medical Intuitive Reading/Healing, Akaskic Record Reading/Healing, Aura/Chakra Balancing/Cleansing, and Personal Issues Healing.


In participating in a clairvoyant reading, you are acknowledging that our services are not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice. It is your choice how to use the information presented. We encourage you to trust your own inner wisdom regarding the information you are given and accept only what rings true for you.