This is the first in a series of posts about chakras!  Today I will talk about chakras in general, followed by a look at each of the seven main
chakras in the body.

So…what is a chakra?  Simply put, it is an energy center.  The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning “spinning wheel.”  That’s because they are clairvoyantly seen  as rotating vortexes of energy.
While most people are familiar with the seven main chakras, there are actually hundreds of them in the body, with the  seven main ones located in the torso and head.

So why do we even need to know about our chakras?  And what purpose do they serve?  As we are energy beings (spirit), our energy chakras connect us to our physical self.  Each chakra represents a different
aspect of us and our abilities.  For example, our first chakra is related to safety and security, our second is feelings and emotions, our third has to do with self-empowerment, our fourth (heart) is related to compassion and oneness, our fifth is communication, the sixth is
clairvoyance, and finally, the seventh represents spiritual knowing and truth.

Our chakras at times can be open and flowing smoothly, bringing about clarity in all of those areas.  But at other times, our chakras might be blocked, causing confusion, frustration, and even illness.  So, it can be important to keep your chakras clear and moving.

It’s sort of like brushing your teeth…our chakras may need regular maintenance!  We can practice clearing our chakras by a variety of methods…by meditating, receiving energy healings, getting body work, practicing yoga or tai chi, just to name a few.  By consciously
visualizing clear energy flowing through the chakra, we release whatever blocks that might be there. For example, if you are feeling that your heart is not open, moving energy through the fourth chakra helps you release the reasons behind that…maybe related to old hurts or
resentments, or mistrust.  In clearing the chakra, we become clearer in our intentions and become the people we want to become.

Stay tuned for the next post featuring the first chakra!

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