“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”  Epictetus

fifthchakraThe fifth chakra, also referred to as the “throat” chakra, is located at the base of the throat.   The throat chakra is all about communication.  And as humans, we are very communicative beings. 

Think about all the different ways you communicate on any given day:  saying our “good mornings” to our loved ones, caring for and connecting with our bodies, expressing who we are to the world, busy phone calls, texts, emails, just to name a few.   Not to mention all the ways we communicate spiritually, whether it’s telepathic connections, receiving messages from our guides, or feeling the energy of a deceased pet. Having a blocked fifth chakra can result in many disturbances and imbalances.  We may find that we’re not speaking up for ourselves, or not feeling confident in expressing who we are.  We may have trouble speaking our truth, maybe even speaking someone else’s truth instead.  We may isolate ourselves from others, just to avoid conflicts, and end up feeling alone.  Or we may go to the other end: talking too much, finding discomfort with silence, wanting to fill in any lull in a conversation.  We may talk a lot about ourselves, and our friends know that listening isn’t our strong suit.  A blocked fifth chakra can also result in physical problems with our throat area:  chronic sore throats or coughs, pain at the back of our necks, or thyroid problems.

When your fifth chakra is clear, it brings about clear communication and creative expression.  You feel confident in expressing your feelings, your creativity and saying what you really mean.  The two-way energy flow between you and others is greatly enhanced.  In fact, the two-way energy flow between you and your own body begins to improve as well.  Your psychic communications will begin to increase as you start to “hear” those other spirits who are always there to help, heal and assist you.

Through meditation, you can learn to release blocks in your throat chakra.  Validate that you can let that area relax and take the risk of making some change in you as “the communicator.”

Quick Tip:  Try this meditation on clearing the 5th chakra:  sit quietly with your eyes closed.  Focus on the energy center at the base of your throat.  Notice how it feels – clear or foggy?  moving too fast, too slow?  open too much, not enough?

Visualize a clear blue energy filling the chakra by bringing it into the front of the chakra and releasing it out the back of your neck.  Let the chakra relax and flow, knowing that as your bring it to a glowing blue, energy blocks are being released.

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