The first chakra, also called the “root” chakra, is located in
the pelvic area of the body (near the base of the spine).  It’s related
to our physical well-being and sense of security.  Often when I am
clairvoyantly reading someone’s first chakra, I will see images/issues
related to health, home, work, money, and the person’s sense of feeling
safe (or unsafe) in the world.

For a person dealing with fear and anxiety, it can be very helpful to
clear the first chakra.  Situations can trigger fear and these fears
may be rooted in past experiences, maybe even childhood memories that
may rise from our subconscious.  For example, when I was five years
old, I was knocked down and bitten in the face by a dog, requiring many
stitches.  I found myself, even as an adult, being very nervous around
dogs, especially if the dog was off  leash and starting to approach
me.  That dog might even be friendly with its tail wagging, and I still
didn’t trust it.  Over the years, I have worked on clearing this and am
now pretty comfortable with dogs. Releasing the “old” fear out of our
first chakra can have the effect of not being so triggered and of
keeping the body calm.

There might even be fear that is not “real”…in other words, we may
perceive that we are in physical danger when we actually are not.  Have
you ever jumped, with your heart racing, because you saw something move
out of the corner of your eye, only to find it was your own reflection in
the mirror?  Your body may think that it’s in danger and react as such,
while at the same time your first chakra gets stimulated and starts
sending out information on how to stay safe!

At times the first chakra can be too closed, which can lead to a feeling
of lack or not being able to take care of one’s self (dependency on
others).  Sometimes it can be too open, often caused by feeling unsafe
or ungrounded.  In fact, grounding (visualizing/creating an energy line
from the first chakra to the center of the earth) is probably the most
powerful tool you can use to feel safe and secure in your body.  It
brings balance and calmness to the first chakra, helping you feel more in
charge of your energy and  your physical reality.

Owning, clearing and grounding your first chakra can be an important step
in creating abundance, health, and a true sense of security.

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