The SECOND CHAKRA: Emotions, feelings & gut instincts

The second chakra is located just below your navel, and is associated
with feelings and emotions, gut-instincts and intuition, creative
realization, passion and sexuality.

People who easily feel and express with their own emotions, as well as
connect well with others on an emotional level tend to have this chakra
open and flowing.  They tend to trust others while maintaining proper
boundaries.  They let their feeling flow and listen to the messages
their emotions are giving them.

When the second chakra is blocked, it often indicates someone who is
closed down on an emotional level.  Maybe that person has had painful
experiences and no longer trusts.  They may not trust their own
emotions, or they may not trust others enough to make emotional
connections.  When this happens, one may experience lack of creativity
and passion, and even depression.

“E-motions” are just that…energy in motion.  They are important messages
to us, and the energy of those messages wants to move!  We are taught
that certain emotions are okay, but we are also taught  that some
emotions are bad.  These beliefs about what is alright and not
alright to feel can block the second chakra and keep us from
being emotionally healthy.

Clearing the second chakra can give us the freedom to fully express who
we are and what is emotionally and creatively important to us!

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