The third chakra is located in the solar plexus and is related to
self-empowerment.  I like to think of the third chakra as our
body’s ”engine.”  Sometimes the engine is just idling, sometimes it’s
revved up, and sometimes it’s sputtering or out of gas!

You know your third chakra is flowing well when you are feeling good
about yourself, feeling you can create what you need in your life, and
have the ability and energy to do it!  If your third chakra is blocked
or closed down, you might experience a feeling of helplessness, or of
being a victim of circumstances, and even experience physical
weariness.  Not a good place to be in.

So you may ask. how do you move out of those feelings of helplessness and
hopelessness?  Often, through meditation and visualization, focusing on
clearing the third chakra can start to relieve those feelings.  Have you
ever been really stressed and it feels as though you have a knot in your
stomach?  Well, you just might literally have an energy knot there in
your third chakra!

So next time you are feeling that way, sit down and close your eyes.
Take some deep breaths while visualizing your “center” (third chakra)
relaxing and opening up.  Tell yourself that with each breath, the
energy is beginning to flow more smoothly, that you are more relaxed and
in your own authentic power.  This can also be a great meditation to
start your day with – setting the energy for a day filled with high
self-esteem, ready to overcome any obstacles!

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