Clairvoyance is the ability to see that which is not visible to the
physical eye. And since everything is energy, it’s that ability to
“read” energy patterns and pictures. Clairvoyance literally translates
as “clear seeing” and is associated with the sixth chakra, or Third Eye.

You are using your clairvoyance all the time, even if you are not
consciously aware of it – just like you are not always 100 percent
consciously aware of what sensations you are picking up with your other
senses. For example, if you close your eyes and tune into the sounds
around you, suddenly you hear things you haven’t noticed before, like a
lawn mower a block away, the hum of your computer, the sound of your
breath. Clairvoyance is similar to that – you are picking up sensations/
information clairvoyantly all the time but may not be consciously aware
of it. When you perceive something about another person, you may chalk
it up to something else – like coincidence or body language. But we are
all clairvoyant, and we are all using it daily to read people and
situations. For example, someone may smile and give you a compliment,
but you “see” that they don’t really mean it. Someone may be looking
brave in a bad situation, but you “see” that they are a little scared.

In a clairvoyant reading, the reader becomes quiet and tunes into his or
her inner sight. They then put their attention specifically on the
energy of the person in front of them. Every person has his or her own
unique energy patterns – made up of their past experiences, their beliefs
systems, and their intentions. The reader sees these as images – or
energy pictures, patterns, or symbols. When I read someone’s aura, I’m
simply “seeing” the images that they already have and that they are
showing to me. So start to pay attention to what you are “seeing” and
validate your own inner sight! © Jill Miller 2004

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