Whether you are just starting to consider adding regular meditation to
your life, or whether you’ve been meditating every day for years, it can
be important to understand the significance it has for you. There are
many different forms of meditation, but what they all have in common is
taking time to shut out the outside world and focusing inward on oneself.

To me, meditation serves two purposes – to get to know yourself better by
being more aware of your “spiritual self,” and to let go of energies that
you take on throughout your day.

Let’s talk about the first one – getting to know yourself better. We are
all spiritual beings, residing in bodies and lives that keep us busy,
keep us moving, creating this and that, interacting with others. We have
all had the experience of getting so wrapped up in something (whether
it’s a project, a relationship, or a job) that we forget to stay in touch
with who we are and what our real truths are. We may get caught up in
someone else’s priority, temporarily forgetting our own.

When you find a quiet place, close your eyes and turn within, you can
start to feel and hear yourself more clearly. Although it sounds cliché,
you can start to get in touch with your authentic self – who you really
are as spirit. This can develop into a very freeing experience, as you
let go of who you think you “should” be and just let yourself “be.” A
self appreciation can start to develop and it will carry through to your
everyday life.

The other purpose of meditation is to cleanse your “space.” Throughout
our day, we take on many energies, whether it’s other people’s ideas of
who we should be, or their issues they want us to carry for them, or our
own efforts, stresses or emotions. The good news is that we can release
and let these things go. Through grounding and other meditation
techniques, we can clear our energies and get more in touch with
ourselves. © Jill Miller 2004

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